You Choose the Charity


Mike's Decision

My parents have always been generous when it came to their favorite charities (and the four children in our family), so it should not have been a surprise when my parents informed me they were going to give 20% of their wealth to various charities when they passed.  Their thinking was that charity would be their fifth child.

Elfrena's Decision

Years ago, I read in the newspaper about foster kids emancipating from the system at age 18 with no support.  For youth who wanted to go to college ... practically impossible.  I was horrified. So I started a college scholarship program for foster youth through our local community foundation.

Pledge Intention Form

You are joining individuals and families throughout California who also plan to leave a meaningful gift to their favorite charities through their estate.

We ask that you talk to others so that they see that value too and share their pledge intention as well.

All information is confidential and will not be shared.  If you do not wish to have your name listed on the website, you can still join the project and you be listed as “Anonymous + your initials” with your city so that we may share the progress toward our statewide goal.  Email will only be used to confirm receipt of your pledge intention and to infrequently update you on the status of the project.

There are many other benefits for families beyond the tax breaks. Experience has shown that families who share and give have better relationships with each other, plus a donor’s shared intention of giving can have a compounding effect by inspiring others to do likewise.  Thank you!